ARMA3 #47 アドオン更新

アドオンは Play withSIX からダウンロードできます。


更新 @agm (22.17MB)

AGMの最新版は 0.95.1 です。主に小変更とバグ修正です。


- Added: Fast Roping support for planes (for third-party mods)
- Added: Server now logs who drew on briefing screen (#1856)
- Added: Setting to set who can draw on briefing screen (#1856)
- Added: Support for using memory point names as fast roping positions. (#1818)
- Added: Way to disable team management (#1884)

- Changed: AGM hint now has the same bg colour as the rest of the UI (#1945)
- Changed: Disabling AI unconsciousness now possible using setVariable "AGM_allowUnconscious" (#1828)
- Changed: Improvements to AGM_Armour (#1816)
- Changed: Increased spare barrel mass (#1916)
- Changed: Made Screams optional (#1805)
- Changed: Reduced mass of bloodbags (#1924)
- Changed: Reduced volume of screams at close ranges (#1819)
- Changed: Removed AGM_ prefix from Medical events (#1877)
- Changed: Tweaks to climbing

- Fixed: AI medics ignored setCaptive (#1878)
- Fixed: AI screams could be heard from any distance on some machines (#1819)
- Fixed: Broken "Require Diagnosis" module option (#1823)
- Fixed: Conflict between MRCO and vehicle range finders (#1741)
- Fixed: Continuous cook off sound when alt-tabbing while cook-off is going on (#1857)
- Fixed: Could bandage everything with one bandage (#1855)
- Fixed: Ear ringing not present on some machines (#1802)
- Fixed: FCS Reset option went missing (#1890)
- Fixed: Head turning while unconscious (#1837)
- Fixed: Huron containers could be loaded into vehicles (#1870)
- Fixed: Icons were not displayed correctly when switching grenades (#1865)
- Fixed: Input disabling wouldn't work when diagnosing when falling unconscious (#1848)
- Fixed: Invulnerability when using PreventDeath (#1730)
- Fixed: Localization issues with wheel names
- Fixed: Missing author on some magazines and items (#1814)
- Fixed: New Kasatka variant didn't have minigun ammo (#1852)
- Fixed: Problem with Overheating when letting server run for a long time (#1619)
- Fixed: Respawn issues with AGM_Scopes (#1810)
- Fixed: RPT Warning about damageLimit for twitches
- Fixed: Script error on passing out (#1881)
- Fixed: Second Merkava in editor (#1815)
- Fixed: Static weapon actions were present on Taru pods.
- Fixed: Stomper rear wheels could not be repaired (#1887)
- Fixed: Unconscious AI gunners could shoot, drivers drive etc. (#1854)
- Fixed: Unconsciousness blur was weird
- Fixed: Units would get stuck in fast roping animation (#1911)
- Fixed: Unloading objects on floating structures wouldn't work (#1861)
- Fixed: When AutomaticWakeup was set to False, pilots wouldn't recover from GLOC (#1900)
- Fixed: Wobbling when fast roping (#1811)



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